Garden Transformation

Garden Transformation in Bracknell, with a zero maintenance artificial lawn.

  • Date: June 2019
  • Location:¬†Bracknell
  • Project Type: Garden Landscaping

Garden Transformed

The owners of this garden were fed up of their lawn. It was overgrown with weeds, uneven and, well, an eyesore.

With busy lives, they just didn’t want to spend their limited free time maintaining a lawn.

So, with this garden transformation in Bracknell, we removed the old lawn, levelled the ground, and laid a lovely evergreen artificial lawn that needs no maintenance.

Look so much more attractive and now provides a pleasant garden space to enjoy their summer days and evenings.


garden transformation in Bracknell (before)


garden transformation in Bracknell (after)

The transformation

First we removed the old lawn and level the ground.

garden transformation in Bracknell 1

Next we cover the base with a light blocking tarpaulin to prevent weed growth.

garden transformation in Bracknell 2

Then we cover the area with a sand mixture and flatten it with an impactor, ready for the artificial turf.

garden transformation in Bracknell 3

The new artificial turf is laid and trimmed. The edges of the lawn are finished off with some decorative weed prohibiting stones.

garden transformed in Bracknell

And now, here’s the finished garden. Can you tell it’s artificial grass?

garden transformation in Bracknell

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